Easy way to work with your grids!

Datatable creation, form design, graphs, PDF reports and html page.

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No coding is needed. Capable of creating database tables, forms, reports, and views by simply identifying the fields and inputs required.



There are several templates available fit for various industries and general use. However, the user has the ability to change or add functions as needed.



Templates can be shared publicly, and if your template is subscribed to, you can earn money on a monthly basis.

How it works

Administrators can freely use the feature and expand it by adding customized fields. Creating different views and restricting access based on user groups.

  • Preset Features.
  • Users, Login and Profile
  • Ticket Monitoring
  • Calendar
  • Survey or Voting
  • Financials
  • Documents Keeper
  • Payroll
  • Schedule or Automation
  • Email Sender
  • Custom Tables

Mobile Friendly Interface

Around based on advanced fully responsive on mobile view. It looks great at any screen resolution and optimized for small touch screens. Around features 2 types of navigation for handeld devices and off-canvas sidebars that are easily accessible. All sliders used in the template have swipe support.

Easy to edit

Easy to edit

Upload files

Upload files

Control schedule

Control Access

Mark tasks

Mark tasks

Simple Pricing Plans

Grow your business like a pro!

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Enough to properly test and become acquainted with the functions.
  • Up to 20 users for each organization
  • Up to 200 records for each features
  • Up to 1GB storage space
  • No limited time
  • Can use all features.


Only a few dollars for a cup of coffee:)
  • Unlimited records
  • Unlited storage space
  • Schedule Backup

Full Customization

Contact us for details
  • Unlimited records
  • Unlited storage space
  • Schedule Backup
  • Dedicated Database Instance
  • Personalized SMS sender
  • Personalized Email sender

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For Organizations

Small businesses can now create a professional-running system in a hassle-free and cost-effective manner.

Capable of monitoring progress, organizing data, and receiving email alerts as needed.


For Freelancers

Creating a template and making it public can help you earn more money. You can also create a project, mask it with your own domain name, and then sell it. Concentrate on creating rather than coding your dynamic website.

Questions & Answers

A user who has complete control over the organization's website. Has access to the main settings, including the ability to create and modify user access, create views, and activate additional functions.

A direct URL will be generated for each organization or website created. This URL will be used to display the login for a specific group. However, if you forgot or need to search for your company (as long as it is set to public search), you can query a few letters here to appear in the selection.

When you as admin creates an organization website, you will configure all of the forms, views, reports, functions, and restrictions. After everything is in place and running smoothly, you have the option of making your template public or with an access code. Only settings will be shared; no data will be shared. If your template is used and the administrator begins paying the subscription. You will then receive a 30% commission on the bill. Please keep in mind that you must own the template, and if you use another template, you must modify the settings more than the original owner. Before you can publish your template, it will be evaluated.

Yes, Domain masking also knows as URL Masking. It is the act of hiding the actual domain name of a website from the user’s web browser and showing another domain name. Once the URL is masked, it will not display the original URL/domain name anymore. Remember, domain masking does not affect the website content and SEO as well. It just uses to prevents users know the actual URL whether it may due to length of the domain name or privacy issues.

There are numerous websites that provide URL masking; typically, the site where you purchased your domain name usually it includes a masking function.

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